Friday, 2 December 2016

Ideas for Gift Wrapping That are Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly

Gift wrapping needs to be fancier; so people prefer buying the new boxes and supplies required for gift wrapping every time they intend to prepare a gift. This practice is not only costly but a lot of boxes and packing materials go in to the trash bins, increasing the task for waste management firms. Nevertheless, cost is the only factor that is making the people think about recycling and using the used supplies to prepare new gifts.

To help you with that, below are some gift wrapping ideas that will surely make the gift wrapping cost effective and eco-friendly.

Newspaper with consistent text

The page on a newspaper with consistent font size and style can serve as one of the best options to wrap a gift. The simple decoration consisting of a ribbon and a decorative cut piece from paper or paperboard can make this simple gift wrapping the really special one.

Use of fabric leftovers

No matter how awkward the shape of fabric leftover has, it remains one of the ideal options to wrap a gift as long as it can accommodate the item you want to wrap. Place the gift in the center of the cloth and join all of its side atop the gift. Use a luxury ribbon for tying, not just to keep the sides joined on the top but also make the gift impressively beautiful.

Empty candy boxes

Chocolate and candy gifts remain leaders among gifts of any type. If you have made chocolate by yourself and you want to gift it with proper presentation, you can look out for sturdy candy boxes that would be used. Good news is that you can buy candy boxes that are specially made for the gifting purpose. However, those gifts are not usually fancier.

Preparing a ‘green’ gift

Plants make the best gifts. They are eco-friendly and they remain at a place for very long time. Moreover, these gifts remind the receivers about senders of the gifts every time they water those plants or do something to maintain them.

Things you can do to make a gift of a small plant mainly include a clean cloth or a piece of paper tablecloth. You just need to wrap the pot and let the plants give a display.

Packing gifts in egg boxes

A gift packed in egg box is unusual and unconventional way of gifting. However, it can be one of the most special ways to pack a gift if done smartly. As shown in the image, you can wrap a wide strip of cloth around the width of the box and use a ribbon to run along the middle of the cloth’s width. Tie a decorative knot on the top of the gift.